Terms Feed Disclaimer makes it easy to generate a Disclaimer for your website, app, business or for any projects where you are required to have a disclaimer for various reasons (i.e. affiliate links, health information, financial information, and so on).

Disclaimer for websites.

Disclaimers are short but very important statements that work to help inform your users about something important, while helping to limit your legal liability. Having a Disclaimer (or many) may be very beneficial – or even legally required – for your business.

Using a Disclaimer on your website will help alert users about important things such as:

  • When affiliate links are being used (for example, this
  • type of Disclaimer is required by the Amazon Associates program)
  • When health or medical information is being provided
  • When legal information is provided
  • And so on

Other types of Disclaimers can be more general, such as the “no professional relationship” Disclaimer that’s used when providing information to users in certain business markets (i.e. legal, financial) or an “errors and omissions” Disclaimer that simply lets users know that your website may not always be fully perfect and complete. It doesn’t matter what type of platform you’re using to host your website, if you self-host it, or even if you just have a simple landing page – a Disclaimer may be required.

Disclaimer for affiliates.

Many affiliate programs require you to have proper disclosures for your use of affiliate links.

It’s important to be upfront with your users and disclose if your website, or just certain parts of your website, may have affiliate links that would allow you to earn commission from sales or conversions made with that affiliate link.